Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Video # 5 "Daily Commute"

From our base camp high above the route morning routine involves dropping a similar distance into the valley then climbing up the opposite side. After coffee, of course, the team rappels 1200ft to begin a jumar to the high point and press the route further. Thus far we have seven pitches fixed: All overhanging with the ropes dangling far from the cliff. Back down at the end of the day then up the ropes back to camp has been the routine. Tomorrow (April 16th) we're heading up to commit to life on the vertical plane and stay en route until concluded. Hauling all necessary food, water, portaledges and necessities for an estimated four days of precipitous living! We're all psyched and ready for the transition.


  1. This is awesome being able to follow your journey - thanks.

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