Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dispatch #1 "Kota Kinabalu

5th April 2009 Kota Kinabalu
We've arrived and are starting the logistic arrangements for three weeks of life on a jungle big wall. Should prove quite the test of all our abilities in having six of us sharing the precipitous environment!
Must say I'm very glad for the collective experience of our team, I landed last night after a very quick home turn around following Patagonian time; awoke on the plane feeling a tad disorientated wondering where I was heading on a couple of occasions.
Apparently it rains every day here in Malaysia, luckily hasn't just yet but undoubtedly I'll start the cycle having documented such? Feels very hot n' humid which I think makes for a tougher transition for the team members fresh from winter, time in the summer hemisphere for me will hopefully have me more acclimatised.
Acquisition of food, water bottles and fuel is the order of the day.
Kevin Thaw


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