Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Video #2 "Enter Mt. Kinabalu"

We left the city and spent the afternoon watching clouds rip across Mt Kinabalu from the National Park head quarters. A gracious day as far as the locale is concerned being as though it didn't rain. Unfortunately we had many logistic hurdles before climbing can be engaged. As far as remote expedition climbing goes, especially in cases of new exploration, making it to the base of the objective with all your gear is the biggest crux. Today the team has briefly split with Renan taking the rear guard to ensure our final loads are picked up by the porters while the rest of us hike to Easy Valley and try to recon the journey beyond. Thanks for checking it...stay tuned for more dispatches from our 13,000ft camp on Kinabalu's summit.


  1. Hey guys,
    Hope you made it through the Kinabalu park authority.Was there any problems with the locals?

    -Malaysian fan

  2. My husband and I went there last year and attempt to stay at the Gurkha Hut to climb for 2 weeks. We dealt with the same logistic issue with the 'boss' of the park. After spending RM1606 total and stayed up there for less than a week, we were told that we are not approved for doing any technical climb. What a rip off. Here is our blog in case you are interested: